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Seuraava juttu oli sairaalamme lehdessä

RNSH = Royal North Shore Hospital

NSW = New South Wales ( osavaltio, missä Sydney sijaitsee)

Tämä ETAMI projekti alkoi jo kesäkuussa 2004, joten olen vähän myöhässä, mutta tämä on uusinta uutta täällä...


RNS & Ryde news, July 2004, Number 205

Royal North Shore & Ryde Health Service

Heart treatment at RNSH takes another step forward

Cardiologists, radiographers, angiographers, cardiac technicians, nurses and other support staff at RNSH lead the way in heart attack prevention and treatment in NSW. The cardiac centre is now the busiest in the state.

Known by acronym, ETAMI (early triage of acute myocardial infarction), the latest pilot program in cardiac care was recently launched by Premier Bob Carr at RNSH.

The NSW Ambulance Service, RNS and Westmead hospitals are trialing a system in which ambulances in the northern and western areas are fitted with specialist equipment, which allows crews to transmit ECG readings electronically to the emergency department at either hospital. If the patient €â„¢s ECG shows a heart attack he or she will be immediately transported to RNS or Westmead, bypassing local hospitals and each of major hospitals €â„¢ emergency departments.

The superior infarct angioplasty treatment available for some time at RNS and more recently at Westmead, will then be used to open the patient €â„¢s blocked artery.

The aim of the development is to reduce the time lapse between the onset of heart attack symptoms and treatment. Research has shown this makes a significant difference in the patient €â„¢s recovery time and survival.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

- Douglas Adams

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Siellä tullaan jälkijunassa. :P Suomessa tuo on ollut arkipäivää pitkään. Esim ekg-nauhoja on lähetetty lääkärille tulkittavaksi vuosia. Kokonaisuudessaan tuo kuulostaa samankaltaiselta kuin Helsingissä käynnissä oleva HAAMU-projekti, josta on juttua tälläkin foorumilla.

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